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Q: How long has Electrolysis been in use?

A: Electrolysis was developed in 1869 by Dr. Charles Michel of St. Louis Missouri and by 1875 the medical community had accepted it as a procedure to eliminate unwanted hair. Although it’s original use was to remove ingrown eyelashes during surgical procedures, it soon became mainstreamed used on other body parts, primarily the upper lip and chin.

Q: Is Electrolysis permanent?

A: In over 140 years of use, Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method for all hair and skin types. Its permanency has been well recognized by physicians and testified to by hundreds of scientific articles published. Electrolysis has helped millions overcome a very embarrassing problem.

Q: Is Electrolysis painful?

A: There is no “painless” Electrolysis method. The degree of discomfort depends upon the body part being worked and the pain threshold of the individual. Some clients have relaxed enough to fall asleep, although that’s a rarity.